Welcome to the Digital Next Africa Awards, where innovation meets recognition in the dynamic landscape of digital transformation. In an era where technology is the driving force behind progress, we gather to honor the trailblazers, the visionaries, and the pioneers who have reshaped the African continent through their bold, forward-thinking initiatives. From harnessing the power of cloud computing to leveraging the power of data, to deploying stringent cybersecurity measures, and delivering refined Customer Experience, these organizations, individuals, and projects have not only revolutionized their own enterprises but have also left an indelible mark on their communities, societies, and countries at large. As we convene to celebrate excellence and ingenuity, we recognize that true digital transformation transcends mere technological advancements—it is about empowering people, driving socio-economic growth, and charting a course towards a brighter, more connected future for Africa and beyond.

The Digital Next Africa Awards is designed to confer awards to deserving trailblazers under three categories – Organizations, Projects and Individuals (C-level leaders).
The topics for the awards can extend between Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity and CX.

The Digital Next Africa Awards are a celebration of organizations and individuals who harness IT in innovative ways to deliver business value. Whether you’ve embraced emerging technologies or found new uses for familiar ones, we invite you to share your journey of success. Show us how your initiatives have made a difference—whether by fostering growth, optimizing processes, or enhancing customer relationships. Let’s recognize the strides you’ve taken and the value you’ve created, both for your organization and the broader community.

Honorees will be chosen by organizers and partners based on the online application. Due to the high volume, no additional materials can be reviewed. Entrants should include all relevant project details in their application answers. Entries are judged equally; honorees are not ranked.

To be selected for a Digital Next Africa Award, you must demonstrate excellence in:

  1. Tech Innovation: Your organization’s novel use of IT, internally or externally.
  2. Business Impact: Proven, data-backed results enhancing your organization’s outcomes.

The deadline to submit nominations for the Digital Next Africa Awards is 10th May 2024.
Should you have any clarifications please email us at info@qnamarcom.com

You can send in nominations for any of the three categories.


End users or IT vendors


Digital transformation projects deployed with verifiable outcomes


C-level leaders who have shaped the course of business though digital transformation endeavors
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